Miniland Baby, offer the most advanced and safest technology for baby care together with the healthiest and most educational fun. Their aim is to convert the experience of being a parent into an unforgettable and gratifying experience. Miniland sure that the first experiences of the little ones in the house are marvellous. Each product that Miniland Baby devise is born with one sole aim: to arrive into a home, find a baby and contribute to the whole family's safety and well-being.

Small childcare products

Miniland Baby develops and markets small electronic childcare products: surveillance systems for your baby, food, health and well-being. Miniland Baby constantly seek to innovate their products, improving day by day on design, technology and performance. In fact, the quality of the Miniland Baby products largely comes from the innovative technology, the rigorous quality controls, the materials and the experience acquired over the years.

Miniland Chefy 5

Miniland Everywhere IP Camera

Miniland Warmy Travel

Miniland Humiessence

Miniland Minidrop

Miniland Night Sheep

Miniland Scaly Up

Miniland Thermo Advanced Plus

Miniland Thermokit