Service Centre

Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Aftercare department is ready to take consumer and retailer queries on a dedicated helpline number. We understand that when providing consumer support to own-label and branded products, our Customer Aftercare service is the retailer or brand's customer service.

We endeavour to respond to all email, telephone or voicemail queries within 24 hours in a polite and professional manner. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong and it is our aim to resolve any issues quickly and to the customer's or consumer's satisfaction.

Our Customer Aftercare department includes a spares and repairs centre where our experienced service engineers assess, adjust and replace worn or damaged components covered by warranty. Customer Aftercare records and reports feedback to the technical, design & development and sales team which in turn improves current and future product lines and development processes. We are pleased that our Customer Aftercare is regularly recognised, appreciated and praised by retailers and consumers alike. (You will always be guaranteed to find plenty of chocolates down there around Christmas time!)